Pink Roses

Immigrant's Altar

Stars, Chakras, and Stripes: US-India flag, Krishna playing the flute, Indonesian batik fabric

Koki's Daughter and Family

Karen's Children

Koki's Grandson

Amani's Grand-Daughter


Meeta's Grand-daughter, Vivika and her friend

Nahed's Grandchildren

Nahed's Grandchildren

Dipika's Daughters

Gayatree's Daughter

Naga Elder

Indigenous Tribe of Nagaland, North East India

Japanese Cherry Blossom Dance

At National Harbor Cherry Blossom Festival 2019.

Holi Diversity - Indian Spring Festival

Shanti's Bharat Natyam Dance (Cosmic)

Shanti's Bharat Natyam Dance (Circle)

Shanti's Bharat Natyam Dance (Walk)

Bharat Natyam Dance, India

Shanti's Bharat Natyam Dance (Squat)

Bharat Natyam Dance, India


Kensington Concert Friends

Kensington summer concert: Blue Book Value Band

Bhamini's Mother

Based on Bhamini's memory of her mother 

Amy: Seeing Eye to Eye

Amy  with a Lemur in Madagascar

Giggling Teens

Teens from Mizoram, India

Idu Mishmi Woman 

from Arunachal Pradesh, India


Awarded Honorable Mention, Rockville Art League, 2019

Daughter's Wedding, May 2018

First Prize, Women's Club of Chevy Chase, 2019

Great Grandmother

Girl Power!

Mid-Atlantic Regional Art Show

Orchids in a Crystal Vase

Awarded First Prize, Kensington Labor Day Art Show, 2017 

Red White and Blue

Awarded Honorable Mention, Kensington Labor Day Art Show, 2018


Awarded Second Place, Creative Expressions Art Show, Montgomery Art Association, 2019

Hummingbird in her Nest

Amanda: Red, White and Blue

Amanda: Mountainside

Thinking of Ghana


Guarding the Vatican

Grumpy Neighbor